NaturAlly Fed!

NaturAlly Fed: Kombucha

New Supplier — Welcome: NaturAlly Fed!

Llanelli Food Assembly have a new produce offering available: NaturAlly Fed is a Swansea-based business run by qualified nutritionist Federico “Fed” Podeschi, offering kombucha!

Kombucha is a fermented tea, desired for its detoxification and energy properties. It is slightly sweet, slightly sour, slightly fizzy and has low calories. It is cultured, like yoghurt and sauerkraut, and during its culturing process essential nutrients form, such as active enzymes, probiotics, liver detoxifiers, amino acids, natural B vitamins, electrolytes and polyphenol.

NaturAlly FED describe their kombucha as:

“All natural, unpasteurised, raw, vegan, organic… No baddies are added to stabilise our product. Our drink is lovingly hand-crafted to bring the best benefits to our customers.”

Kids love it too! It is a great alternative to unhealthy sugary drinks! Try Kombucha for yourself drinking a glass daily over a month to see for yourself — you won’t regret that NaturAlly FED feeling!!

Go get some   

About NaturAlly Fed

NaturAlly FED provides health assessments and nutruition plans as well as coaching. The business has worked throughout the summer to bring NaturAlly FED Kombucha to the market. To achieve this, Fed has acquired land on Gower to grow organic herbs, fruit and vegetables for use in its drinks and to develop its brewing premises.

Health benefits

NaturAlly FED Kombucha is a drink that can help you along your journey to greater digestion and general health. Kombucha’s antioxidant properties and probiotic content are uniquely beneficial and is something that is lacking in many modern diets. It is a food rich in vitamins and minerals, which are essential to good health.

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What is Llanelli Food Assembly?

Llanelli Food Assembly is a Welsh Food Producers Market.

  • Members order from a large range of locally produced food.
  • Food is delivered fresh from Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Swansea farmers and food producers.

We are especially proud to supply organic vegetables, from Banc Organics. And award-winning meats, from Rhosyn. We also offer: a huge range of bread, cake and savouries, from Middleware Catering. Plus:

  • Free-range eggs, from Fforest Isaf;
  • Raw, unpasteurised and pasteurised milk, from Cwm Farm;
  • Sweet and savoury preserves, from Oscar’s Kitchen;
  • Probiotic foods and drinks, from Sauer Power and NaturAlly Fed;
  • Healthy confectionery and snacks from Mo’s Kitchen;
  • Sctivated organic nuts and seeds, from Om Creations;
  • Welsh beer, cider and spirits from Alfie’s Beer Bus
  • and more — See the whole produce range.
How do Food Assemblies work?

The Food Assembly Online Market works on a Click-&-Collect basis. Ordering takes place through our Online Click-&-Collect Market. This is an easy-to-use online shop. There is also a smartphone app.

Our shop lists available produce, which Members can order. Producers receive the orders via the Internet. Then, once-a-week they deliver the orders. Their produce is delivered to a local venue in the heart of Llanelli. Members arrive to collect their produce and chat to producers. Find out more

What’s special about Food Assembly?

We connect local food producers with local people at a local venue. Members browse a range of locally-produced Welsh food. They learn about the people producing their food. Most of our producers are family farms or businesses.

At the Assembly, members meet the food producers. Producers are paid after the orders are collected. As all producers and the Assembly host are local, 90% of what you spend remains in the local economy. (This compares to supermarkets, where 25-30% typically remains local).

Can anyone join in?

Browsing and ordering requires a Food Assembly account. This is a simple signing-up process. It’s free and without obligation to order anything. A smartphone app allows you to do everything from your mobile!

Participation as a food producer requires a process of registration and vetting by Food Assembly. We ensure producers adhere to standards. And that they are local the Assembly. (Maximum distance 150 miles. Our average is about 12 miles!).

How did it start?

Food Assembly is a Europe-wide initiative. It started in France and now exists in many European countries. We believe Food Assembly provides an important alternative to mainstream food shopping. It it helping local food producers succeed. It is providing a more sustainable form of food shopping. We believe it provides a way to: Shop Fairer and to Eat Better. And, when you do those two things, to Feel Better!